NMA Pays curtesy call to NVMA

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The NVMA received the newly elected members of the Executive committee of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) on a courtesy call to the NVMA secretariat led by the National President; Prof Mike Ogrima on 31st June, 2016. A visit the NMA President described its mission to be to familiarise the NMA with the NVMA and to see possible areas of synergy between the NMA and NVMA, hoping that the relationship between the Human and the Vet Medics that have lasted for decades and have existed since the medical school will be more elaborate.

The President of the NVMA while responding to the delegates expressed the NVMA’s condolences over the demise of their members who lost their lives on their way to the National Conference in Sokoto. He thanked the NMA for the gesture and gave an overview of the current state of the Veterinary Profession in Nigeria. The President pointed out the possible areas of collaboration between the NVMA and the NMA as;

  • Promoting and protecting the welfare of members of both Associations.
  • Collaborative health campaigns and other public health related program.
  • Joint Association like the Nigerian Society for Public Health Professionals.
  • Joint campaign for Abattoir re-habitation.

Then the president presented to the NMA copies of previous journals of the NVMA.

However, the NMA while responding to this gesture, expressed their commitment to synergise with the NVMA and further encouraged the NVMA to always extend their invitation for collaboration to the NMA whenever necessary. The NMA emphasised the need for a Joint Committee between the NMA and the NVMA on areas like Sanitation, Securing the Salaries and allowances of members and other related issues as this will lighten the burden off NMA and exert more persuasive force on the government when need be.