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Other sub themes include:

  • Veterinary service delivery in Nigeria: Achievements, challenges and way forward
  • Artificial intelligence: Bridging the gap between the old and current practices
  • In the cross hairs of health: Veterinary medicine's integral role in one health

Plateau State

Plateau, the 12 largest Nigerian State is located near the centre of Nigeria, between latitude 8 24', 1030'and longitude 832' and 10 38'E, occupying a landmass of 26,899 square kilometers. Its landscape is marked by granite rocks and inselbergs. Benard Fagg had this to say about the landscape of Plateau; "the Jos Plateau has fascinating features, great inselbergs and fantastic rock boulders of large tumbles."

The most remarkable and unique mountain ranges in the State are the Shere Hills, Kerang Highlands, Wase inselberg, Kahwang rock formation, Riyom Rock, Kurra Falls, Assop Falls, Munchison Hills (Tal-Montol Ridge system) as well as the Chakfem Surra and Kofyar Ridge systems. Plateau is bounded to the north by Bauchi and Kano States, to the west by Kaduna State, south by Nassarawa State and to the East by Taraba state.

Plateau has an estimated population of 4,717,300 (2022). This population is as diverse as Nigeria itself with 54 ethnic nationalities indigenous to the State and virtually every ethnic group in Nigeria is resident on the Plateau. It is therefore a cosmopolitan State. The peaceful disposition and accommodating nature of the people made this possible, thus the slogan, “Home of Peace and Tourism.” The high altitudes on the Plateau gives it a near temperate climate with an average temperature between 13 and 22C. The coldest months are between December and February, and the warmest months usually between March and April. The mean annual rainfall varies between 1,317mm in the south to 1,460mm on the Plateau; the highest rains usually between July and August.

Economic activities in the State include mining, and farming (crops and livestock). Mining of tin began on the Plateau in 1902. It was a major economic earner for the colonial Government and later Nigeria until the discovery of oil in the late 50s. Other minerals in the State include columbite, tantalite, zinc, etc. Some of the food crops farmed in the State include: potatoes (Sweet and irish), maize, acha, yam, rice, soya beans, tomatoes, onions, vegetables of various types, Several natural features provide tourist attraction. Examples are: Wildlife Safari Park, the National Museum, the Museum of traditional architechture, Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Jos Zoo, Assop Falls, Kurra falls, Wase Rock, Kerang Highlands, Am Pidong crater lake, Riyom Rock, Pandam Game Reserve, Kahwang Rock formation, and Shere hills.





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Programme of Events

Tin City 2024 NVMA Congress and AGM is planned to be a week-long event beginning Monday 21st October and departure on Friday 25th October 2024. This is planned to accommodate the Centenary celebration of National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), The Events will be planned in such a way as to keep participants entertained and to enjoy the beautiful weather and culture on the Plateau.

DAY 1:

• NVRI Pre-Conference activities
• Registration
• Collection of Conference materials
• Welcome / Cocktail

DAY 2:

• Opening Ceremony
• Launching of Exhibitions
• Plenary Sessions and Panel Discussions
• Scientific Sessions
• Professional Group meetings and Product launch

DAY 3:

• Scientific Sessions
• Panel Discussions
• Product Presentation/Launch
• Female Veterinary Professional Meeting
• Annual General Meeting I

DAY 4:

• Dog Walk/Show
• Guided Tours/Excursions
• Young Veterinarians Forum
• Annual General Meeting II
• Dinner/Award Night

DAY 5:

• Departure
• NEC/LOC Meeting

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Event Location

Crispan Suites and Events Centre,
Dawhol, Jos;
Phone: 08030852357, 08073919739, 08033214005
Email: tincity2024nvma@gmail.com

Tin City 2024 NVMA Congress and AGM will take place at Crispan Suites and Events Centre, Dawhol, Jos; a serene and peaceful environment Off Jonah David Jang Express Way. It is surrounded by “B” Division barracks, Mopol 8 barracks, and the Airforce Base which also houses the Airforce Boys Secondary School. It is centrally located and accessible from any part of Jos town. It is spacious with ample parking space, halls, multiple rooms of various rates, recreational facilities, bars and a swimming pool. It also has enough rooms of various taste and rates.