About NVMA

The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association is the umbrella of all Veterinary Surgeons who are registered with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria. It is a body corporate with perpetual succession and was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 1996 Registration Certificate Number 9454. The Association was however established in 1967 as a follow up to the Biannual conference which started as far back as 1932 by the predominant British Veterinary Officers and Licentiates.

The main organ of the Association are indeed vested with responsibility of the day to day running of the Association.


A professional body commited to the best practices for the upliftment of life through ethical professional Animal Health services.


To have an Association of Veterinary Practitioners that will advance the education, science and art of Veterinary Medicine and production through advocacy, promotion of ethical standard and collaboration with other professionals.


  • To ensure that Veterinary Surgeons in Nigeria uphold the Veterinary Surgeon’s Oath (i.e. the principal spirit of Veterinary ethics)
  • To advance the education, science, technology and art of Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Livestock Development and production.
  • To promote all Veterinary activities the are geared towards protecting of animals and human health.
  • To promote the control of zoonoses
  • To promote the enactment and the enforcement of laws and participate in legislative efforts the is beneficial to the veterinary profession.
  • To educate the public on veterinary activities
  • To cooperate with and if necessary be present in National and International organizations with similar objectives on matters relating to veterinary medicine and livestock production.
  • To publish veterinary journal and other relevant publications of the Association
  • To promote the welfare and protect the interest of members of the Association.
  • To establish a directory for Nigerian Veterinarians and to publish and revise same from time to time.
  • To assist in National security through maintenance of the health of security animals.
  • To assist the tourism industry through the maintenance of the health of animals in the National wild parks.
  • To drive up hygienic animal protein reserves through addressing animal food security and safety concerns.
  • To prosecute a One Health Initiative through advancing cooperation between veterinarians, human physicians and other related bodies.
  • To take the fight against quackery in the Veterinary industry to all the nooks and crannies of the country.
  • To maintain global best veterinary practices in the country.